“My decision to become a Health coach was twofold. For one I saw the drastic life changing impact it made on my own mother and brother. Witnessing their experience gave me the faith I needed to associate myself with a wellness program that strives to provide individuals the skills needed to attain optimal health.

Secondly I have a natural yearning to help people find the tools they need to make change in their lives, as a psychotherapist I often work months even years with people before I might see a slight behavioral or emotional difference. However the program is designed such that a difference can be observed within a mere one week, and for me that is beyond gratifying to hear all the amazing updates from clients within a short matter of time.

Although the speed at which results appear are not everything, they are surely promising that this program definitely works if you allow it to!” “The financial return on your time expended is phenomenal and truly rewarding!”
Health coach – Marina S.

“After having my children I had hard time losing the weight I had put on and so when I began my weight loss journey I was determined to learn the healthy habits and not only lose the weight but to maintain it for good.

Inspired and motivated with my progress I decided to become a Health coach to help others reach their optimal health and to have the motivation to maintain my own progress. Becoming a Health coach has been a blessing because it  allowed me to become financially independent. I work on my own terms, hours, schedule, and I am always surrounded by positive minded business life coaches.

As a Health coach I feel empowered and motivated to grow in this profession  because not only I can make more income but I can also help more individuals to reach their optimal health and live their best life. “
Health Coach – Lusine P.

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