How to Get Health Coach Certified

Now that you are ready to begin your exciting and rewarding journey towards becoming a Health Coach, you probably want to know what the process looks like.  Starting the program under an experienced coach is as easy as making a call to schedule your free consultation, and the training and certification processes are similarly simple.

Convenient Process–Complete Training From Your Home or Anywhere In The USA

There are a variety of tools available to ensure your success, including online options to work around your busy schedule.  Through a series of videos and webinars, you can receive your training from the comfort of home. And as always, throughout the process you will always have the comfort of knowing that your own expert Health Coach is just a phone call away for the advice or support you need.

What Does It Take To Start Health Coaching?

The trainings are geared towards making certain you are ready to pass the Basic Competency Assessment required to begin your career as a Life Coach.  Additionally, while the certification process is not a mandatory part of the program, it is available for those who want to pursue that option in order to expand their opportunities or train other individuals to become Health Coaches.  Consult your Coaching expert, Dianna, to determine which option is best for you and to develop your plan of action.

Who Can Become A Health Coach?

The simple answer to this is: everyone.  Anyone with the desire for positive life change in themselves and others can become a Health Coach, even if you are currently struggling with your own weight or health issues.  When you join the Health Coaching program, the transformation begins with you.  As you begin to enjoy a healthier and fitter lifestyle, you will become even better equipped and informed by your experiences to help others achieve the same results.  Don’t allow doubt or hesitation to interfere with your better future, make the choice and start the change today.

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