Health Coach Los Angeles: L.A. Needs You

why become a life coach

Los Angeles is a city that has a reputation for endorsing healthier lifestyles.  With huge cycling and jogging communities and an emphasis on eating natural and organic foods, it’s easy to think L.A. has its health priorities in order.  That’s why it may come as a surprise to find out that L.A. is struggling with an obesity problem that’s just as bad as anywhere else in the nation.  Recent studies show that if current trends hold, L.A. could reach a 46% obesity rate by the year 2030.  Being overweight increases your chances of all kinds of health issues, including Diabetes, heart disease, and Sleep Apnea, and L.A. needs Health Coaches that can step in and help put a stop to the current unhealthy trends.  If you enjoy helping others live a more healthy and satisfying life, or are looking for a new way to become more financially successful, now is a great time to help others while helping yourself and Health coach Los Angeles.

A Rewarding New Career in Los Angeles

Health Coaching is an extremely rewarding career that allows you to improve the lives of others while also significantly increasing your income.  You get to see your clients experience meaningful life transformation right in front of your eyes, and their success means your own success.  The time commitment is also completely dependent on your own goals.  The flexibility of the program is a perfect fit for the busy Los Angeles lifestyle and allows you to choose between pursuing a full-time earning or just supplemental income.  So whether you’re hoping to make some extra cash or you like the idea of working as your own boss and making a six-figure income, then you should find out more about becoming the kind of certified Health coach Los Angeles is looking for in high demand.  You no longer have to decide between doing what you want to do and choosing the option that will pay the bills; as a Health Coach, you get the best of both worlds by pursuing your enthusiasm for healthy living and getting paid to do it!

Call Dianna Muradyan for a Free Consultation!

If you’d like to get more information on how to get started on your Life Coach Los Angeles experience today, call Dianna at (818) 613-3234 to make an appointment for your free consultation!  Dianna has the experience and the knowledge of the career to help you create your own plan of action and set up a strategy for success.  Our training process is time efficient and allows you to choose between learning in a live class setting or through virtual classes online, so a busy schedule is no excuse.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by; your exciting new career and a six-figure income are just one phone call away so talk with Dianna and find out just how quickly you can get started as the Health coach Los Angeles needs.

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