Dianna’s Story

photoPassionate about helping others improve their quality of living, Dianna Muradyan worked for years as a Certified Wellness Consultant.  During this time she was frequently approached by clients with questions about how they could trim down and became concerned with how often she saw the illnesses and harmful health conditions associated with being overweight.

A short time later, Dianna’s mother was diagnosed with cancer.  As Dianna spent much of her time at the hospital, she began to experience her own struggle with unhealthy eating habits and weight gain.  Tragically, her mother passed away, and Dianna resolved to break the patterns of unhealthy living she had fallen into.  This is when she became aware of the concept of Health Coaching.

By following the Health Coaching program, Dianna lost the extra weight and immediately began to notice major improvements.  She found that she had more energy throughout the day and felt huge improvements in motivation and confidence.  Remembering her past experiences as a Wellness Consultant, Dianna decided to pursue her passion for helping others help themselves by becoming a Health Coach.

Since then, Dianna has been using her expertise and passion as a Certified Health Coach to help countless clients nationwide.  As a result of her efforts, hundreds of pounds have been lost and many lives have been transformed.  Informed by her own experiences and motivated by the personally rewarding process of Coaching, Dianna continues to Coach clients towards healthier lifestyles and is currently looking for dedicated individuals who are interested in joining with her to become Health Coaches themselves and transform lives.

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