How To Become A Personal Health Coach

Health Coaching is such a rewarding career, as you get to help others excel in the areas that they desire to succeed in. There are many Health Coaches that have taken their life experiences and interests and created a career that they love. In fact, Health Coaching increases year after year because people are finding it so valuable.  If you have been thinking of how to become a personal Health coach, you probably have some questions as to how to do so.  It’s not as difficult as you might think and it might not take as long as you think to become a trained coach.

Here are the necessary steps for you to become a wonderfully talented personal Health Coach:

  1. Ask yourself why.  The first thing to address when becoming a Health Coach is asking yourself why you want to coach people in the first place.  Is it because you’ve been helped by one and the experience was so wonderful you want to help others? Have you always had a desire to help others?  Do you have particular experience in an area where people need help with? Do you want to have freedom of your schedule?  Sit down and list the reasons why you want to become a Health Coach.
  2. Research Health Coaching certification programs.  You do not have to become certified in order to do Health Coaching, but experts believe that it is highly valuable if you do.  Men and women coming to you will feel more secure if they know that you have been through a certified Health Coaching program and you will gain much needed information completing one.  Do some research on various Health Coaching certification programs and decide on one that suits you.
  3. Get a Health Coach.  A great way to learn about the Health Coaching business is to get yourself a Health Coach.  You can be inspired and motivated to change any area in your life that needs changed and learn a lot about the change process.  It is always a good idea to have a Health Coach to motivate you to be at your best.
  4. Enroll in a certification program. Most programs will teach you step by step what you need to do in order to begin your own Health Coaching business.  It really is the best way to go as far as coaching, as they will help you get the coaching and the business end of coaching set up. Go ahead and begin learning as soon as you can.
  5. Practice with your friends.  If you want some practice coaching, go ahead and ask your friends or family members who would like some free coaching. I’m sure you can find one or two people willing to make some changes in their lives.

Personal Health Coaching is a very rewarding career, as you get to help others discover their talents and help them make necessary changes for happier, more fulfilled lives.  Begin your journey into the world of Health Coaching today.


You Can Get Health Coach Training Online

If you are thinking of becoming a Health Coach, many kudos to you! Health Coaching is a booming business these days because there are so many people looking to benefit from having a personal coach.  As a nation that is passionate about professional sports, we understand the need to have EXCELLENT coaching to maximize an individual and team’s potential. If the coach is not spot on, most likely the team will not be spot on.

If the desire to help people is heavy on your heart and the thought of opening your own Health Coaching business excites you, then perhaps it is time to start looking into Health Coach training.  Good news is that you don’t have to head to the local college to get your training. In fact, there are some reputable online Health Coach training programs that will help you learn what you need to know and help you get started.

What consists of online Health Coach Training?  Here are several things:

Complete training requirements.  After you have decided on which online Health Coach training program to enroll in, you will be given a pretty good amount of material to study in order to learn about the coaching field. Most online learning programs will issue you a set of online lessons for you to study and then give you quizzes or tests on the material.  It is important that you take the time to study each section and really learn the material.  To be a great Health Coach, you want to learn how to effectively motivate people to change and view certain issues from a different perspective.

Accountability.  Many online Health Coach training programs will offer you accountability.  There is no law that says a Health Coach must take any sort of formalized training, but those in the profession value solid and accredited Health Coach training programs.  Enrolling in an online program not only offers you excellent learning materials, but also accountability to learn what needs to be learned before getting out there helping people.

Pass an examination.  When you are all done with your Health Coach training, you will be required to take a final examination. Upon passing, you will be a qualified Health Coach. It is a great idea to get certified in the profession, as certification allows potential clients to see that you have passed certain standards set by a professional coaching organization.

Most people are pretty busy with jobs, families, and so on. The ease of getting Health Coach training online makes it so much more appealing. The Health Coaching field is growing quite fast due to men and women reaching points in their lives where they find themselves stuck and needing help.  It could be lack of motivation, lack of goals, emotional issues, relationship issues, career issues, and more.

The ability to sit with people and coach them over hurdles and help them view their lives in a more favorable perspective is commendable.  As you pursue your Health Coaching training, know that you are going to make a difference in many people’s lives and that is something to smile about.

Become a Health Coach Online

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Becoming a Certified Health Coach is an exciting and rewarding opportunity for you to take charge of your life and finances like you never have before.  You will get to experience greater freedom as you choose your own work and earnings goals, all while pursuing a career that allows you to share your passion for healthy living with other individuals and truly make a positive difference in the world around you.  Maybe you’ve long been interested in pursuing a new career and working your way towards earning a six-figure income as a Health Coach.  Many people hesitate to begin because they aren’t sure how to work around their busy schedule or are afraid the process will be too much of a time drain and inconvenience.  But the great news is that becoming a Health coach has never been easier or more available to individuals with a  wide range of schedule or lifestyle constraints, and many prospective coaches have found success through our online program.

The Convenient Option

Imagine undergoing your training to become a new Health Coach from the comfort of your own living room or study.  You won’t even have to leave the house, and you can choose the times that best conform to your schedule.  Learn at your own pace and never worry about missing class or showing up late.  With the flexibility to control your own learning schedule, you could be finished training and ready to coach in no time at all.  This process is also an incredible resource for those who want to supplement another job with additional income instead of choosing full-time Health Coaching. You won’t have to sacrifice your current commitments to explore this new opportunity, so why put off such an important change for your future when you can become a Health coach online?

Over the course of her career, Dianna Muradyan has helped hundreds of clients lose weight and pursue a healthier way of living, and along the way she has guided many coaches along their own roadmaps to success.  Dianna has helped many motivated individuals realize their full potential as Health Coaches, and she would love to aid you in creating a plan-of-action geared to your specific needs.  Dianna’s vision is to help others find the fulfillment and rewards that she herself has experienced, and because of the online courses, her expertise has never been a more valuable asset.  Whether you live in Los Angeles or New York City, or anywhere else in the US Dianna is more than happy to help you get started, so call today to ask her about how easy it is to become a Health Coach online!

For questions or to schedule a free consultation, email Dianna at:

5 Steps To Become a Health Coach

Sometimes things in life just don’t go as planned and people need some help overcoming hurdles, disappointments, or simply need some good old-fashioned advice. This is why Health Coaching has become quite popular in recent years.  The ability to listen to someone discuss their pressing issues, goals, fears, and so on is a valuable asset. If you have the desire to come alongside people and coach them to fulfill their dreams, you’re in for a very rewarding career.

Regardless of what career you have now, you can become a Health Coach.  In fact, many Health Coaches have a variety of backgrounds.  For example, if you have a background in marketing, you may cater to those in life that are entrepreneurs that have hit a slump in sales.  Or if your background is mental health, your Health Coaching could help people get control of their emotions or thought life.

Becoming a Health Coach is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, it’s rather easy and it can be done in a short amount of time if you have the time to invest in training.

Here are 5 steps to become a Health Coach:

  1. Leave your comfort zone.  When clients approach Health Coaches, many of them are afraid to face their own pain or obstacles, so if you cannot effectively face yours, you might not be able to help them as well.  Be willing to leave your comfort zone and be stretched to pursue your ultimate goals, doing whatever it is you have to do in order for success. It might not always be easy, but it will be worth it.
  2. Start studying the Health Coaching niche.  The Health Coaching niche has grown tremendously over the last decade and there is a plethora of information online and in print concerning such. Begin reading and getting familiar with the profession so that you can really get a feel for whether or not you would love to be a Health Coach or not.
  3. Research Health Coaching certification programs.  If you want to become a Health Coach, your best bet is to go through a certification program so that you can have knowledgeable coaches right at your fingertips to get your Health Coaching business started.  There is a lot to learn when it comes to helping others get past hurdles and achieve their goals, so take advantage of seasoned coaches who can walk you through the process and help you get your business set up.
  4. Decide on a Health Coaching program that suits your needs.  If you’re more interested in niche coaching, like marketing or athletic coaching, look for coaching programs that target that niche as well.  If you simply want to be a Health Coach that can generally help anyone, seek out a Health Coaching program for such.  Be sure to consider the costs associated with the programs, as some that offer very low prices are really not worth the investment because the programs do not give you the tools and resources you need to make an adequate coaching income.
  5. Open up your Health Coaching business. Many coaches start out coaching part-time until they get a steady stream of clients coming in. Go ahead and open up your business and begin advertising all over.  Social media marketing is a wonderful way to get the word out of your awesome coaching services.  You can also list your services at online directories or ask friends to put a link to your services on their websites.

Health Coaching is a wonderfully rewarding career and if taken seriously, can earn you a six figure salary per year.  Go ahead and take these steps toward becoming a Health Coach today.

How To Get Certified Health Coach Training

The field of Health Coaching is growing more and more each year, as many coaches are having success in the niche. Not only are coaches having success, but clients are making the necessary changes that they need in order to succeed in life.  Everyone from the stay-at-home on the verge of burnout mom to the well-established entrepreneur is seeking out some sort of Health Coaching.  It’s really a great time to get into coaching because there is a massive need to help people get unstuck in the areas that they are stuck in and people are willing to pay big bucks to see change.

If you are interested in becoming a Health Coach, it is important that you understand how to get certified Health Coach training. You do not have to become certified, but it is highly advisable. Future clients will prefer that you are a certified Health Coach that has gone through a reputable Health Coaching training program.  There are many benefits to going through such a program as well.  You will learn the most effective ways to motivate people for change, strategies to help them accomplish their goals, and how you can set up your Health Coaching business on a business level.

Here are some great tips on how you can get certified Health Coach Training:

  1. Research Health Coach Certification training programs.  There are many training programs available, so be sure to take some time to find the one that works for you.  Make sure that it fits your budget and has some excellent recommendations. You may even want to make sure it has not had any negative reports in the Better Business Bureau. You can find certification programs that are cheap and some that are quite expensive. More expensive doesn’t always mean they are better programs, but keep in mind much of the time you get what you pay for.  Just be sure to do some homework on the program to be sure it has excellent reviews.
  2. Attend seminars.  There may be some seminars in your area that gear toward Health Coaching.  Go ahead and attend seminars and workshops regularly when it comes to learning how you can best help others to become successful, as you want to be on top of your coaching game at all times.
  3. Enroll in an accredited Health Coaching program.  Be sure that the coaching program that you choose is accredited, as accreditation means that the program is backed by a major coaching entity.
  4. Be thorough in your studies.  Try not to rush through your studies. It’s great to have the passion to get out there and start your Health Coaching business, but rushing through will not serve you well. Take your time and really invest in learning the ins and outs of being an amazing coach.  Men and women will come to you with some major goals and you want to really be able to help them maximize their potential. It’s also important to begin learning about the business aspect of coaching. Clients are probably not going to knock on your door, so you have to learn effective marketing strategies to get a steady stream of clients coming to you.

Health Coaching is a rewarding career and can also offer you a pretty good salary. In fact, some Health Coaches are pulling in six figures a year!  Go ahead and look further into becoming a Certified Health Coach and get the ball rolling today.

Certified Health Coach

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There has never been a better time to invest in your own life and the lives of other through Health coaching, and the best opportunities of all are available for those who want to pursue a rewarding new career as a certified Health Coach.  Many individuals all over the United States have already teamed up with Dianna Muradyan to start their Health Coaching experiences, and their success stories should be more than enough inspiration for anyone looking for a new, financially rewarding path.  If you’re ready to improve the lives of those around you and work towards your own personal success through life coaching, it’s time to get started.

Getting Started: The Process

You won’t believe how easy it is to get started as a certified Health Coach and be well on your way towards earning that six-figure income.  You can begin the training process as soon as you’re ready, and our convenient program is available in several different formats so that you can choose the method most conducive to your schedule and lifestyle.  We have online courses for those who have a full week or prefer to work at their own pace, allowing you to learn from the comfort of your own home!   After your initial training, you will be able to pass the basic competency exam and be ready to start building your client base.  At this point you will already be primed for success as a Health Coach; but for those who want to complete the certification process, Dianna will be able to help guide you through the additional training so that you will be ready to optimize your experience as a certified Health Coach and get the most out of your new career opportunities.  There’s nothing to hold you back but indecision, so now is the time to seize this opportunity and contact Dianna.

SixFigureCoaching Success

Dianna experienced firsthand the benefits of the Health Coaching process, achieving personal life-transformation and positive changes in her lifestyle and then using her success to help pass on the experience to others.  Over the past years, she has helped hundreds of clients lose weight and improve their lives, and she has also helped train new certified Health Coaches all across the U.S.  You could quickly be on your way to following in their footsteps and working towards a six-figure income in the most rewarding career choice of your life.  Wouldn’t you like to help others by doing what you love to dol while also making more money than you are now?  If you’re ready to stop making excuses and start making a positive change, contact Dianna today by calling (818) 613-3234.  She will schedule a free consultation so that you can develop your plan-of-action and begin pursuing your Health Coaching goals today!

Health Coach Burbank: An Exciting New Opportunity

Life Coach Burbank

The Media City may be known for its extensive entertainment industry connections, but it’s also a city that celebrates the outdoors with its sprawling city parks and a thriving community of health enthusiasts.  If you live in the Burbank area and enjoy pursuing a healthy lifestyle and helping others to do the same, then Dianna Muradyan would like to share an exciting new opportunity for you to join the team and Health Coach Burbank.  Becoming a Health Coach is a fantastic way to start a new career choice that can have you earning a six-figure income in a much shorter time than you might think.  Even if you’re just interested in earning supplemental income alongside your current job, Health Coaching is your gateway to achieving financial freedom while enjoying the highly rewarding experience of helping accomplish positive life change.

The Program – What’s a Health Coach?

life coaching burbankA Health Coach is someone who meets with clients who want to lose weight and pursue a healthier way of living and guides them towards realizing those goals.  As a Health Coach, you will help your clients develop a plan-of-action and then provide the encouragement and support that will ensure their success.  Dianna Muradyan is a certified Health Coach who has been helping others become Health Coaches all across the United States, and now she would like to invite you to join the team and help Health Coach Burbank.  Burbank is a beautiful city with a high demand for Health Coaches, and you could begin the training process right away to start pursuing your new future earning a six-figure income and initiating positive life transformation.

Training – Contact Dianna to Start Today!

Training to become a Health Coach is a simple and convenient process that allows you to work around your busy schedule.  You can take courses online in order to learn to pass the basic competency exam.  Our training opportunities allow you to learn at your own pace and finish as quickly as you want, so there’s no excuse to put it off until a later time.  Instead, act now by calling Dianna Muradyan for your free consultation.  Dianna is an experienced Health Coach who discovered the power of the Health Coaching program through first-hand experience.  She can provide further information about the program and what it will take to get you started on the path to success, developing a plan that will have you ready to Health coach Burbank in no time.  You could be working for yourself doing what you enjoy and earning a six-figure income doing it, so why wait?  Contact Dianna at:

Orange County, CA Health Coach Training Program Gets Results

If you are seeking a Health Coach training program in Orange County, CA, look no further than Six Figure Coaching with Dianna Muradyan. There you will find an excellent training program that will help you to learn about the coaching field, train to become a professional Life Coach, and unleash your maximum potential as well.

The Health Coaching industry has grown leaps and bounds over the last decade, as men and women have discovered the value of hiring a coach to get them to their next horizon in life or overcome certain issues. It’s very common to reach a point in life in which you just don’t know what to do regarding a career, relationship, kids, or perhaps you struggle with self-esteem or confidence issues.  Almost everyone needs some assistance at some point throughout life and this is why the Health Coaching industry is booming.  People want and covet help so much that they are willing to pay big bucks to receive the direction and motivation they seek.

At the same time, Health Coaches have discovered a rewarding field that not only gives them the opportunity to help people, but they also have the ability to make a generous salary.  Many Health Coaches begin their business working part-time, but plenty of them get a steady stream of clients walking through their doors before they know it. With the right attitude and hard work, you can earn six figures a year Health Coaching!

Dianna Muradyan has been in the Health Coaching field for many years and has helped many men and women become effective Health Coaches.  The training and certification programs are fast, convenient, and exceptional quality. Even if you don’t live in the Orange County area, you can take advantage of her online Health Coaching training.

There are plenty of people that put off Health Coaching because they think they are too busy to take on a Health Coaching program. The truth is that no matter what your schedule is, there are various schedule arrangements available for you to perform your Health Coach training.  There are online courses that you can take at your convenience.

Once you are done with your training, you will take a competency exam that you will be prepared for and then you may begin your business. For those of you who would like to become a certified Health Coach, Dianna will offer you additional training that will help you to get the professional certification.

So what are you waiting for?  Make that investment in yourself and begin Health Coach Training so you can develop the business you have been dreaming of.  Take a look at what Health Coaching career has to offer and don’t hesitate to give Dianna a call with any questions.  Join the hundreds of others that have watched their Health Coaching career bloom after completing our Health Coach training.


Health Coach Los Angeles: L.A. Needs You

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Los Angeles is a city that has a reputation for endorsing healthier lifestyles.  With huge cycling and jogging communities and an emphasis on eating natural and organic foods, it’s easy to think L.A. has its health priorities in order.  That’s why it may come as a surprise to find out that L.A. is struggling with an obesity problem that’s just as bad as anywhere else in the nation.  Recent studies show that if current trends hold, L.A. could reach a 46% obesity rate by the year 2030.  Being overweight increases your chances of all kinds of health issues, including Diabetes, heart disease, and Sleep Apnea, and L.A. needs Health Coaches that can step in and help put a stop to the current unhealthy trends.  If you enjoy helping others live a more healthy and satisfying life, or are looking for a new way to become more financially successful, now is a great time to help others while helping yourself and Health coach Los Angeles.

A Rewarding New Career in Los Angeles

Health Coaching is an extremely rewarding career that allows you to improve the lives of others while also significantly increasing your income.  You get to see your clients experience meaningful life transformation right in front of your eyes, and their success means your own success.  The time commitment is also completely dependent on your own goals.  The flexibility of the program is a perfect fit for the busy Los Angeles lifestyle and allows you to choose between pursuing a full-time earning or just supplemental income.  So whether you’re hoping to make some extra cash or you like the idea of working as your own boss and making a six-figure income, then you should find out more about becoming the kind of certified Health coach Los Angeles is looking for in high demand.  You no longer have to decide between doing what you want to do and choosing the option that will pay the bills; as a Health Coach, you get the best of both worlds by pursuing your enthusiasm for healthy living and getting paid to do it!

Call Dianna Muradyan for a Free Consultation!

If you’d like to get more information on how to get started on your Life Coach Los Angeles experience today, call Dianna at (818) 613-3234 to make an appointment for your free consultation!  Dianna has the experience and the knowledge of the career to help you create your own plan of action and set up a strategy for success.  Our training process is time efficient and allows you to choose between learning in a live class setting or through virtual classes online, so a busy schedule is no excuse.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by; your exciting new career and a six-figure income are just one phone call away so talk with Dianna and find out just how quickly you can get started as the Health coach Los Angeles needs.

How To Make A Full Time Income As A Certified Health Coach

make a full time income as a life coach

How To Make A Full Time Income As A Certified Health Coach

Becoming a certified Health coach is one of the best ways to combine a love for healthy lifestyles and physical fitness with the desire to help others in a meaningful way.  But it’s also a fantastic opportunity to be able to earn significant income while choosing the schedule and work week that you want–in other words, you get to make good money doing what you love to do all while being your own boss.  There’s never been a better time to become Health coach certified, or a greater need for Health coaches, and Dianna Muradyan   would like to share with you how to make a full time income as a certified Health coach.

Is The Process Long?

The process to become a certified Health coach is quicker than you might think, and our flexible program will allow you to pursue your new career whenever is most convenient for you and at your own pace.  Training takes place by taking courses online.  Both Webinars and monthly seminars are also available for additional training or to help accelerate the learning process for motivated individuals.  Once you are able to pass the basic competency exam, you will be ready to start building your own client base and really learn how to make a full time income as a certified Health coach.

Making a Full Time Income

As a Health coach, your clients are your biggest source of referrals.  Many new Health coaches are able to begin building a substantial list of clients very quickly–one of the perks of being part of a program that accomplishes real results.  As your clients reach their goals, others will see the change and you will soon have new clients coming to you to be a part of the program.  You can work with Dianna, the expert on how to make a full time income as a certified Health coach, to develop your own strategy and plan of action.  You are truly only limited by your own willingness to invest your time into the program, so get started now on working towards that six-figure income.

Additional Certification

It’s important to note that the full certification process is not required to be a Health coach under the program, and many successful Health coaches stop their training after passing the competency exam.  However, additional training is available for those who want it, and more opportunities can exist for those who go on to become certified.  Speak with Dianna to find out which is the best approach and fit for you!

Call Now To Get Started

Now that you are ready to make a full time income as a certified Health coach, all you have to do is make one phone call and get your free consultation.  Dianna Muradyan knows first-hand what it’s like to live an unhealthy lifestyle, and she also knows what it’s like to change her own life and the lives of others as a successful Health coach.  Call today to speak with Dianna and develop your own plan for becoming a Health coach.  Don’t let the opportunity pass you by: (818) 613-3234