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Becoming a Certified Health Coach is an exciting and rewarding opportunity for you to take charge of your life and finances like you never have before.  You will get to experience greater freedom as you choose your own work and earnings goals, all while pursuing a career that allows you to share your passion for healthy living with other individuals and truly make a positive difference in the world around you.  Maybe you’ve long been interested in pursuing a new career and working your way towards earning a six-figure income as a Health Coach.  Many people hesitate to begin because they aren’t sure how to work around their busy schedule or are afraid the process will be too much of a time drain and inconvenience.  But the great news is that becoming a Health coach has never been easier or more available to individuals with a  wide range of schedule or lifestyle constraints, and many prospective coaches have found success through our online program.

The Convenient Option

Imagine undergoing your training to become a new Health Coach from the comfort of your own living room or study.  You won’t even have to leave the house, and you can choose the times that best conform to your schedule.  Learn at your own pace and never worry about missing class or showing up late.  With the flexibility to control your own learning schedule, you could be finished training and ready to coach in no time at all.  This process is also an incredible resource for those who want to supplement another job with additional income instead of choosing full-time Health Coaching. You won’t have to sacrifice your current commitments to explore this new opportunity, so why put off such an important change for your future when you can become a Health coach online?

Over the course of her career, Dianna Muradyan has helped hundreds of clients lose weight and pursue a healthier way of living, and along the way she has guided many coaches along their own roadmaps to success.  Dianna has helped many motivated individuals realize their full potential as Health Coaches, and she would love to aid you in creating a plan-of-action geared to your specific needs.  Dianna’s vision is to help others find the fulfillment and rewards that she herself has experienced, and because of the online courses, her expertise has never been a more valuable asset.  Whether you live in Los Angeles or New York City, or anywhere else in the US Dianna is more than happy to help you get started, so call today to ask her about how easy it is to become a Health Coach online!

For questions or to schedule a free consultation, email Dianna at:

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